What began as a love affair with the turn of the iconic British era, turned into a full blown romance that brought Allen & Mate into existence in 2018.
The winding alleys of London formed a bond over the love for British Taste. While one had an epiphany for luxury, the latter was an aficionado of style.
Allen and Mate with their impeccable style, complemented by a deep sense of fashion expertise are here to forge a new future for British trends.

Working in small batches and using sustainable practices, we make products that are guaranteed to be unique.
We hand-pick a bunch of exquisite artisans from across the globe, whose carefully curated designs would look as elegant as on a Parisian street as they would at a bar on the Oxford street.


A delightful range of mid-century vintage products that radiate exemplary British taste and luxury.


The subtleness of class and hand crafted finishing is what we bring to the table with Allen & Mate.


All this with a modern twist brings alive the varied collection, that stands true to the roots of London.